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Roasted lemon & Parmesan green beans

Recipe, Sides, VegetarianLeannda Cavalier5 Comments


Everyone needs a few side dishes they can make in minutes from memory without a second thought. On the other hand, that can get boring real fast. Luckily it's so easy to spice things up in the kitchen. 

This is one of my favorite twists on classic roasted green beans. It's just enough of a change to keep things exciting, and it barely takes any extra effort. Besides that, I always have a wedge of Parmesan and some lemons on hand, and I highly recommend anyone who cooks to do the same. So no extra shopping if you decide to do it on a whim!

Savory and crunchy with just a twist of tang, this dish goes fantastically with fish and poultry. Don't let that limit you though, as this side is so versatile. I've served it with everything from steak to creamy pastas. 

One of the great things about fresh green beans is that they cook incredibly quickly, and fairly evenly. If you like them a little more crunchy (or you're just really hungry), try cooking them for just 10 minutes.

On the other hand, green beans get this wonderful, soft, crisp-edged texture and get more savory as you brown them. So if you're looking for comfort food, roast 20-25 minutes until they have brown spots. 

Now, let's get cooking.

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